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Xpress Logistics is one of the leading freight forwarding companies in Jamaica. We have specialized solutions to meet and surpass all of your shipping needs.

We look forward to serving you.

Your packages will always reach to you safely and secure.

We designed a detailed homepage layouts that will fit any transportation industry size. We will take care of your cargo or your pasenger and deliver them safe and on time!


Weightless shipping is the process in which we ship your items without factoring in the weight. So your rates are not calculated based on the weight of the item. So ship as heavy as you would like with us today.

Yes you can. Xpress Logistics has a company credit card that can be used to order items on behalf of customers.

All Seafreight packages should be shipped to 3489 N.W. 19th ST, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, 33311.

All Air Freight packages should be shipped to 489 N.W. 19th ST, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, 33311.

1. Sign up with Xpress Logistics and receive a free account and US address.
2. Check your email for an Activation email (check your junk mail folder).
3.  Shop online and ship to our warehouse address in the US. The shipping address and assigned account number (e.g. XL00123) should be used whenever making your online purchases.
4. You can also call and place your order for an item online or email the product details to our email address. Payment is required at the time of transaction.
5. Payments can also be made to our bank accounts if you do not have a credit card or you would like us to engage in online purchasing on your behalf.
6. You can send packages and mail to your Xpress Logistics US address.
7.  Your purchases or shipment will be sent to our warehouse in Florida.
8. Packages that arrive at our warehouse will be prepared for shipment out of the country.
9.  Shipments are sent on Fridays to the island.
10. Customers will be contacted if an invoice is required to clear your packages through Customs.
11.  After items arrive on the island, Xpress Logistics will handle all custom clearance procedures.
12.  Xpress Logistics will inform customers whenever their packages are available for pickup via the customer portal.
13. You can collect your packages in office or call in the schedule a delivery to you wherever you are on the island.

What makes us special?

Our team of dedicated employees both locally and overseas work tirelessly to ensure you receive your packages safely and on time.

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