Welcome to Xpress Logistics!

In September 2017, we opened our doors to the very first customers to Xpress Logistics. Our aim was to provide a fast, hassle-free and affordable way to have all your overseas goods and hard-to-get packages delivered right to your doorsteps. Since then, we have increased our services to suit all the needs of our ever-expanding customer base.

When you sign up with Xpress Logistics you aren’t just a name on a
register, you become part of our family where you can fulfill all your
shopping desires and feel confident that all your packages will be well
taken care of and shipped to your doorstep as quickly as possible. We
believe that receiving your packages is just as important as building a
relationship with you.

As a growing company, Xpress Logistics would appreciate any suggestions
you may have to allow us to better serve you. We’re looking for innovative
ways to improve your experience with us. We strive to serve you and we
are committed to providing you with the best and most efficient shipping
experience you will find.

Welcome to our family!

Our Mission

  • To deliver the best and safest shipping experience for our customers.
  • Provide a family environment where customers are always welcome.
  • To continuously improve to suit our customers.
  • To provide hassle free and efficient shipping services.
  • Maintain High Standards in our business practices.
  • To provide the best rates.
  • To protect the cargo of our clients.
  • To provide excellent customer service.

Our Partners

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