Quality and Efficiency at the right price

Xpress Logistics is one of the leading freight-forwarding companies in Jamaica. And to serve our customers better we have a whole range of services to offer. These range from online purchases to weightless shipping.

Our range of services are centered around customer satisfaction. All our range of services have been optimized to provide one of the smoothest shipping processes possible.

XL Flights

Need your packages quickly? Don't have large packages? Then XL Air is
for you.
Call in and ask one of our representatives for more information.

XL Ocean

Have huge items to ship? Look no further. At Xpress Logistics we have you covered with weekly sea freight shipments coming in, your packages are sure to reach safe and in a timely manner.

XL Ground

Don't live in Kingston? We got you covered. We deliver islandwide. Please speak with one of our representatives to schedule your delivery today.

Credit Card Purchases

Don't have a credit card? No problem use ours. We allow you to shop on all online stores such as Zappos, Amazon, Nordstrom and many others even if you don't have a credit card or don't want to use yours.

Weightless Shipping

If you have large packages, parts or any item that is very heavy utilize our weightless shipping service. Contact us and one of our representatives will tell you more.

Florida Pick-Ups

If you want items from a store or elsewhere in Florida retrieved, we have you covered.

Customer Consolidation

We can re-package your items so they weigh less or we can re-wrap items so they are more secure for transit.

Express Services

If you need you to get your packages quickly utilize our express service. Contact us to find out more.